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Arkeon Entertainment & Arkeon Productions

ARKEON ENTERTAINMENT is a diversified and integrated company founded in 2002 by Schyleen Qualls.  The Arkeon Entertainment brand seeks to deliver original, innovative, socially conscious and award-winning entertainment to inspire audiences worldwide.  ARKEON ENTERTAINMENT is currently producting a feature film, RUNNING THE LINE, based on the soon to be published book RUNNING THE LINE by Schyleen Qualls.

ARKEON PRODUCTIONS is a 501c3 non-profit organization founding by Schyleen Qualls in 2019 to support and foster content and environments which nurture the bonds between us and set the stage for artistic and intellectual collaborations which transcend cultural, generational and geographic boundaries.  ARKEON PRODUCTIONS is currently launching the fundraising campaign for COSMIC CAMPFIRE a film for Planetarium and IMAX theaters designed for middle schools students and focused on Space Scientists of Color.


Schyleen Qualls
President and CEO
Arkeon Entertainment and Arkeon Productions
421 1st St., #3003
San Francisco, California 94105
Tel: 415.830.2977

We dream big.